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Why is your brand important?


Your branding is everything when it comes to how your customers portray your business. Do you appear professional? Do you look friendly? Does your branding represent the products and services you sell?


If your logo and branding looks unprofessional, your customers will assume that your service is unprofessional, even if this is not the case. This could turn potential customers away before they even contact you. If your branding is consistent and professional, people will assume the same of your products and services, which will make your brand look trustworthy and entice your potential customers  in to contacting you.


Your potential customers are making these assumptions about your company from the first sight of your brand and logo. This is why it’s extremley important you make a positive impact with the right logo and branding that reflects your business and it’s personality.








Your brand and logo are influential to the public’s perception of your company. Your business success depends on your ability to be remembered, in such a crowded marketplace you really have to stand out.


Initial Logo Concept Design, Revisions Included, Final Logo Design, Scalable Logo Suitable for Use in Print and Online, A4 Letterhead Design Included, DL Compliment Slip Design Included, Double Sided Business Card Design Included, Digital Brand Guideline Included, You Own The Copyright to Your Logo, Printing Available on Request.


Complete branding packages


Your brand is these most important visual communication you have. But if you deal with your clients directly in person and not just online, you really need to think about your printed stationery’s appearance.


If your printed material looks and feels cheap, then it’s only natural that your customers will think and remember your company as cheap too. If you sell a premium product, but your business cards bend and flop in your prospective client’s hands, then you’re only making your life harder and reducing the chance of being accepted as a high quality company.


Logo and brand design


The single most important part of your company is your brand! Without it, customers wouldn’t be able to differentiate your company from any of your competitors. Your brand and logo are greatly influential to the customers perception of your company. Your business success depends on your ability to be remembered, in such a crowded marketplace you really have to stand out and make yourself known.


Our branding packages include an initial logo concept with revisions until you’re completely satisfied with the design, final logo artwork that’s scalable to any size for use in print and online, a digital branding guideline and the copyright to your logo.



Brand guidline


The brand guidelines are your key to ensuring your company’s branding stays consistent throughout your marketing activity, whether digitally or printed.


Without brand guidelines in place you risk placing logos in the wrong location,

using incorrect colours on marketing material and generally making your companies branding very inconsistent.


When your company grows you’ll rely more heavily on your guidelines, helping new branches and extensions of your business to stay within spec.


If you need a logo designer and branding designer. Duudl would love to work with you

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