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Photography and retouching

Holding an event, adding new products to your webstore or simply updating your employee portraits we can help to provide you with professional images which include retouching to remove any unwanted elements and really make your photographs shine.



Commercial product photography


If you sell products online or are thinking about doing so, then you’re going to need to take photographs of them. Your customers need to see what they’re looking to purchase right? Our photography is perfect for promoting your products online and in print.



Professionally lit to really make your products pop  |  Fully retouched images so your products look their best    


Formatted and provided in high resolution for print  |  Optimised web-ready versions are also provided  |  Multiple angles available


 Background removal available



The Full Package!


Here at duudl we can give you the full package with our professional team of creative designers and photographers.


Looking for an advertisement creating for print or digital?  We can do that! You send us the products and design brief and we give you a beautiful creative advertisment. Our like minded Graphic Designers, Photograpers and retouchers will work as team to meet every part of your design brief and take it that extra mile.


Whatever it is which needs Photography and Design we have got you covered! Let’s create something brilliant together.






If you need a professional photographer. Duudl would love to work with you

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